Friday, August 28, 2015

Razing Hell by Sharon L. Baker

It seems I don't have a lot of time for blogs right now, but briefly, a review of a book I consider excellent, which I read a few months ago.
    Sharon L. Baker deals with the injustice inherent in much of the traditional doctrine of hell. She does not dispense of the hell doctrine entirely, but she does present a fresh inquiry that is based solidly upon scripture. I would recommend this take on the topic far more than I would Rob Bell's Love Wins, which I discussed sometime back, because she does refer continually to scripture, and (unlike Bell) is not vague regarding her conclusions (although certain questions, in my opinion, could be  explored further).
     It is interesting that among the people she discusses the issue with in the book (who are disturbed by the doctrine) are a young woman who apparently has not given much thought to horrific nature of the doctrine, until her own grandmother (who was near death) refuses to convert to the Christian faith. At the end of the book, it is reported that the grandmother did indeed die, and, to everyone's knowledge, did not convert. Baker nonetheless offers hope that the soul of the young woman's grandmother may yet have a chance. Why is this? Just let me say read the book and find out.

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